services marketplace
Project Overview
BAARA is a services marketplace, accessible through a Web application available on mobile, tablet and PC. Here we offer you to enhance your skills, and you can even monetize your time.
We offer solutions to everyday problems. Our platform allows you to meet the right person at the right time for a help, a service that you want to receive or receive. SERVICOO is an opportunity facilitator.
Since 2021
BAARA is a platform that is not considered as a social network , nor as a social environment, but as a social space. The platform allows service providers and seekers to meet and take advantage of this meeting to create value.

The idea is to increase the possibilities of connection between people who can exchange services. The aim is therefore to help you receive the right service at the right time and in the right place without spending too much. It is also an opportunity to offer your skills and earn money.

The foundations of our community are built on trust, sympathy and expertise.

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